AKRacing vs Vertagear – which brand is better?

Gaming chairs are essential for serious gamers. They both enhance the gaming experience through features like built-in speakers and provide health benefits by ensuring proper posture and circulation. When choosing a gaming chair, it is important to invest in a trusted brand. This is a comparison of two such brands, AKRacing vs Vertagear – which brand is better will depend on the gamer’s preferences.


An established brand in the gaming chair industry, AKRacing offers a selection of reasonably priced chairs to keep gamers comfortable and engaged. Its most affordable model is the AK-7018 while its premium chair is the AK-7002.

These chairs feature comfortable seats and attractive seat covers. They are built to last, ensuring comfort for long gaming sessions for years. However, the highlight of these chairs is the fact that they can accommodate gamers of all sizes. With adjustable headrest settings and one of the highest weight capacities in the industry, AKRacing chairs are perfect for gamers of all sizes.

Where the chairs fall short is in their ability to provide high-end features. Some versions like the AK-5015 do not offer quality armrests, while others are not very smooth while moving.


Another highly popular gaming chair brand is Vertagear. This brand offers a wide selection of chairs that are famous for including top-notch features. They are extremely comfortable and adjustable, meaning they can be customized to suit the gamer’s body.

vertagear vs akracing chair

Highlights of these chairs include their stylish covers and durable steel frames. They also offer padded 3D and 4D armrests even in their lower-end models. Vertagear gaming chairs are among the most comfortable and versatile chairs on the market today.

Their main drawback is the fact that this quality comes with a larger price tag. In addition, the chairs are often not built to handle larger games.

Which Brand is Best?

When comparing AKRacing vs Vertagear – which brand is better depends on the gamer’s budget and size. For those with a little extra cash who are not very tall, Vertagear offers superior comfort, features, and durability. AKRacing may not offer the same quality as Vertagear, but they are more affordable. While both brands offer chairs that will keep gamers happy and comfortable for hours on end, Vertagear offers the superior product.

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